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Banco di Caribe donates to ‘Fundacion Pa Nos Comunidad’

ORANJESTAD: Banco di Caribe and its staff social club visited Fundacion Pa Nos Comunidad (FPNC) recently to donate food items. The foundation has been doing
valuable work for the Aruban community supporting underprivileged families.  This is the second year in a row that FPNC receives a donation from the bank.  

About FPNC
The foundation, established in 2009, focuses on the fight against hunger and poverty in a structural and holistic way and creates reintegration opportunities for affected families. In addition, the foundation works closely with other organizations that pursue the same goal and provide humanitarian aid, while respecting universal rights. FPNC supports more than 40 organizations with the same objective.

Help to the community
FPNC helps the Aruban community in many ways: it prepares food and support packages, distribute bread three times a week, donates clothes, food and home goods to customers who are registered with the foundation and offers personal guidance through social workers. The clients themselves also get the opportunity to  volunteer at the foundation which minimizes the chance of isolation and motivates them to also give to other members of the community.

Mr. Giovanni Croes, director of Banco di Caribe, handed over the food items – which were bought thanks to a financial contribution from Banco di Caribe and its staff. He also thanked all volunteers for their valuable involvement to help the most affected in the community. Interested in becoming a volunteer? Register today via or call 588 0002 for more information.


On pictures, the director of Banco di Caribe, Mr. Giovanni Croes and the committee of the Banco di Caribe Staff Social Club present at the handover of the food items to the director of Fundacion pa nos Comunidad, Mrs. Gianaika v/d Biezen.

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