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Banco di Caribe hosts appreciation event for car dealers

ORANJESTAD: Banco di Caribe recently hosted an appreciation event for the local car dealers. During the event that took place at Straddle It Saloon, Banco di Caribe showed its gratitude for the continuous support and business from the local car dealers.

The event, a combination of good conversations, good food, drinks and a cozy karaoke atmosphere was a huge success. The director of Banco di Caribe, Mr. Giovanni Croes acknowledged all the car dealers and their respective representatives.  Three car sales representatives outshined beyond expectation; Mrs. Jacintha Kelly, and Messrs.  Alexander Pieters and John Angela – they received a gift. Both, Banco di Caribe and the car dealers remain committed to provide the best service to their customers!


On the photo an impression of the ‘Car Dealers Appreciation Event’ hosted by Banco di Caribe

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