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Banco di Caribe congratulates Muchanan Sabi with a successful Festival di Canto Bos Escolar

ORANJESTAD-MARCH 2020: On Sunday, March 08, 2020 Banco di Caribe supported the Festival di Canto Bos Escolar, Cultural edition that took place at Club Caiquetio. This festival surpassed all expectations with 40 participants showing their talents.

In line with Banco di Caribe’s mission to contribute with projects that promote good corporate citizenship, they supported this event to stimulate starting musicians in showing and developing their talent.  Banco di Caribe shares the vision of Muchanan Sabi, to build self-confidence, respect and self-discipline in children through music. These talented children can use these values in their daily life and show love for Aruba our cultural heritage.

In 1955, Miss Edselyn Figaroa founded Muchanan Sabi that grew into one of the most popular schools of singing, dancing and acting on Aruba. Children from 3 to 13 years learn how to express themselves artistically by singing, dancing and playing instruments.

The children who participated had to follow some workshops that helped them with their stage-presence. 

 As Aruba is in full preparation to celebrate its National Anthem and Flag Day apart from singing the National Anthem correctly, the children are learning about its history to nurture their honor and respect for both the Anthem and the Flag. 

Banco di Caribe congratulates all participants of Canto Bos Escolar and also Muchanan Sabi with their successful festival.

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