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Banco di Caribe supports Fundacion Contra Violencia Relacional


Banco di Caribe supports Fundacion Contra Violencia Relacional

ORANJESTAD- April 2021: Banco di Caribe recently contributed to Fundacion Contra Violencia Relacional (FCVR), a  foundation against relational and domestic violence. This foundation was formerly known as Fundacion pa Hende Muhe Den Dificultad (foundation for women in difficult situations), but has recently changed its name. Banco di Caribe donated Awg. 2500 guilders to this foundation so they can  continue with their activities.

With this donation, Banco di Caribe shows its support to the foundation, that works tirelessly to protect victims of domestic violence and to raise awareness about this topic. Thanks to the name change and the broader approach, the foundation now shows more involvement with the whole Aruban community.

About Fundacion Contra Violencia Relacional (FCVR)

The foundation offers help to the entire family who experiences violence. More attention is given to children though, who make up 17% of the clientele. Previously, children who experienced domestic violence were considered secondary victims, but research has proven  that domestic violence has a direct effect on a child. A good example hereof is a child who tries to stop an argument between his or her parents.

FCVR stands for equality, which means that there is no age or gender related discrimination. Men can also be victims of relational violence; they make up 3% of the foundation's clientele. However, the focus remains on women, who make up 80% of the totality. The aim of the foundation is to completely eradicate domestic violence; this includes providing assistance to the offender. This could also include a teen who is financially abusing his/her parents.

Relational and domestic violence have increased dramatically during the pandemic. Banco di Caribe is glad to contribute to such an important foundation within our community and advices everyone who experiences relational or  domestic violence to please contact FCVR at 583.5400 or to send a Whatsapp message to 567.1670. Visit their facebook page for more information: