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Banco di Caribe was one of the sponsors of the 2nd festival Bos Escolar 2021


ORANJESTAD: Recently the second edition of the song festival, Festival Bos Escolar, took place at Cas di Cultura. Banco di Caribe presented the prize to the winners in the second category. The festival, organized by the Muchanan Sabi and Harmonix foundation, had 70 participants this year. Banco di Caribe is very proud to support this song festival for two consecutive years. We consider this festival to be important in the artistic education of Aruban children and teens.

About Muchanan Sabi and Harmonix

Muchanan Sabi is a group of children between 3 and 12 years old and Harmonix is ​​a group of young people aged 13 and older who practice dance and song during the week. The groups are led by Mrs. Edselyn Figaroa and the aim of the groups is to inspire our children through music to develop more self-confidence, self-respect, discipline and love for the arts. The Aruban culture is instilled in the children at an early age through music.

Children could participate in four categories. Category 1 was for children between the ages of 4 and 6, Category 2 for children between 7 and 9, Category 3 for children between 10 and 12 and Category 4 for children between the ages of 13 and 18. In each category a first, second and third winner was chosen. Banco di Caribe congratulates all winners of the Festival Bos Escolar, especially the winners in category 2.