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Credit Line features:

  • Used for funding payroll, improve cash flow, purchase of materials and inventory, financing of Account Receivables, seasonal working capitals or emergency funds
  • Pay no interest until you draw funds, interest is charged only on the portion of the line you use
  • Competitive rates of interest
  • Secured by company’s floating assets, investments (CD’s) or real estate.

Credit Line requirements:

  • Company financials of the two (2) most recent years
  • List of company machinery & equipment, inventory & stock signed and dated
  • Aging list of company Account Receivables signed and dated
  • Copy of a recent appraisal report less than one (1) year, prepared by one of the Banks preferred appraisers (if there’s real estate securing the loan)
  • Personal guarantees by company owner(s), BdC net worth statement must be completed and submitted

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