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Debit Cards

What should I do when my Debit Card is lost or stolen?

Please report a lost or stolen card immediately. Contact us during business hours at (297) 523 2250 or visit our branch.

After business hours, during weekends or holidays, please contact us at: (297) 5649658.

Can I change my PIN?

Yes you can change your PIN at any Banco di Caribe ATM.

What do I need to do to be able to use my Debit Card abroad?

You may activate your card on BdC Online or if you are not a BdC Online user, you may visit us.  Please submit your request at least two (full) business days prior to your departure.  

Be advised that your Debit Card has a default daily limit for your own protection.  The daily local limits are set at AWG 2,000.00 for withdrawals at any ATM and AWG 2,000.00 for transactions at any Point of Sale terminals (POS). Your card will inherit these local limits when activated for interisland use.

The daily foreign limit (Outside of the Dutch Caribbean: Aruba, BES islands, Curaçao and Sint Maarten) will be set at AWG 1,000.00 combined for both ATM and payment terminals unless specified differently by the customer. 

The interisland activation is applicable for an ATM and/or payment terminal belonging to Banco di Caribe. To be able to use your card at a non-Banco di Caribe ATM and/or payment terminal please activate your card for international use as well.

International activation allows you to use your Debit Card worldwide at any ATM and/or payment terminal accepting Mastercard or Maestro.   

Where can I pay with my Mastercard Debit Card?

Over 49 million establishments accept Mastercard Debit Card. However, there are locations that only accept either Mastercard Debit or Maestro.Our Mastercard Debit Card also has the Maestro logo printed on the back, which indicates that you can pay with the card at any establishment that accepts Mastercard or Maestro.

Does my Mastercard Debit Card have a daily transaction limit?

Yes and it varies per transaction type:

  • ATM withdrawals; the local transaction limit is set at AWG 2,000.00 per day.
  • Payment terminal transactions; the local transaction limit is set at AWG 2,000.00 per day.
  • Contactless payment transactions; there are two limits that the cardholder needs to remember: 1) the transaction limit set by BdC is under AWG 50.00 per transaction up to AWG 150.00 per day and  2) the device limit set by the store.  When the device limit set by the store is lower than that of the BdC Mastercard Debit Card, the device limit is used.
  • Debit Card Online Payment transaction; you need the bank’s approval for this service and for the maximum daily payment limit.

Why did the bank decline my Debit Card transaction?

There are several reasons why we declined your Debit Card transaction:

  • There are insufficient funds in the account linked to the Banco di Caribe Mastercard Debit Card.
  • There are insufficient funds, due to the fact that, the merchant has executed a pre-authorization on your account to reserve an amount for unforeseen costs. When you have access to BdC Online, you will see a difference between your available and current balance.
  • Your purchase amount exceeds the default or chosen daily transaction limit.
  • You have forgotten to activate your debit card for foreign transaction in BdC Online or personally at the bank, when travelling abroad.
  • The website where you purchased items does not accept Mastercard Debit Card.
  • You forgot to apply for the Debit Card Online Payment option.

How can I activate my Debit Card when it is blocked because I entered a wrong PIN?

You can activate your card by making an ATM transaction at a BdC ATM to synchronize  your PIN.

After three (3) incorrect entries, your card will be blocked for the reminder of the day. You can try again the next day. Please note that the bank cannot control what other banks may do with your card after three (3) incorrect entries at an ATM. It is the policy of some banks to destroy these cards.

Do I need to activate my Mastercard Debit Card Online payment option?

Yes, but some restrictions apply:

  • You need to apply for this service, as this option is not automatically activated.
  • You need to have a Current Account.
  • You need the bank’s approval for this service and for the maximum daily payment limit.

To use the Mastercard Debit Card Online Payment option you can apply for it by:

  • Sending a message through BdC Online with your request or
  • Filling out the online form on this site or
  • Visiting us to complete the form. 

After the bank’s evaluation and acceptance of your application, you will be notified about the activation and your maximum daily online payment.

In which currency will the bank charge my account for my online purchases?

You will pay for your online purchases in the currency that you buy with at the online shop. When you pay with a foreign currency, other than US dollars, we will convert it to US Dollars first and charge your account based on our local foreign currency exchange rate.

How can I change my Debit Card Online Payment limit?

You can change your Debit Card Online Payment limit by:

  • Sending a message through BdC Online with your request or
  • Filling out the online form this site or
  • Visit us to complete the form. 

Do I need to activate my Mastercard Debit Card to make contactless payments?

The contactless payment option of your Mastercard Debit Card will activate automatically the first time you use your new  card  to pay by dipping or swiping it in a store at a payment terminal or when withdrawing cash at an ATM . As soon as activated, you can start using the contactless payment option in local and international stores where this service is available by tapping your card on a payment terminal with the NFC technology. 

Can I change the Contactless Payment limit on my BdC MasterCard Debit Card?

It is not possible to increase or decrease your contactless payment limit.

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