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How can I apply for a Time Deposit Account?

You can contact us to make an appointment to open a Time Deposit. Please be advised that a current account at Banco di Caribe is required to open a Time Deposit Account.

What is the minimum deposit amount to open a Time Deposit Account?

There is a minimum deposit amount of AWG. 5.000,- required to open a Time Deposit Account. 

What are the terms for the Time Deposit Accounts?

We offer different Time Deposit options. You can choose between the following terms:

  • 1 year
  • 2 years
  • 3 years
  • 4 years
  • 5 years

What interest rate will be paid on the Time Deposit Account?

We offer attractive interest rates that depend on the term of the Time Deposit. Please contact us for more information about the interest rates.

Can I withdraw money from the Time Deposit Account?

When you have a Time Deposit, you need to understand that you will receive the total amount including interest at the end of the term. Withdrawing money from a Time Deposit Account before maturity date automatically leads to a breach of the Time Deposit contract. In this case, we charge a penalty fee.

Is there a fee to open a Time Deposit Account

You can open a Time Deposit at no cost.

What will happen when my Time Deposit Account reaches its maturity date?

You will receive a letter from the Bank one month in advance reminding you of the maturity date of your Time Deposit.

Unless otherwise instructed by you, we will transfer the amount of your Time Deposit on your current account with us on the maturity date.

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