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Your benefits

  • A local and accessible payment method for your customers
  • Increased conversion by offering Sentoo at checkout
  • Payment link or QR-code options to be added to your invoices
  • Funds settlements within seconds
  • Real-time payment confirmations
  • 100% automatic processing with the Sentoo API
  • Transactions through Sentoo are final, no risk of chargebacks
  • Affordable pricing at 1% with a max of $1.50 charge per successful transaction

How does it work for your customer?

  1. Your customer selects Sentoo as the payment option during checkout on your e-commerce / online platform;
  2. Sentoo presents a payment screen where the customer selects Banco di Caribe to continue the payment;
  3. The customer will log in to their trusted online banking environment and authorizes the payment;
  4. Banco di Caribe processes the payment;
  5. The order is now confirmed, and you receive a payment confirmation.

View our explainer video Account-to-Account payments with Sentoo

Frequently Asked Questions about Sentoo

As a merchant you must have a Banco di Caribe account and a completed Sentoo registration form

Visit the registration page, and Sentoo will contact you to start the application. If you already have a Banco di Caribe account click here to apply.


Sentoo charges a low fee of 1% maximized at $1.50 per successful transaction. There are no other fees.

Your customers only need Banco di Caribe online access to use Sentoo. No credit card, registration or installation of software is needed.

Sentoo offers the option to manually create payment links or QR-codes that you can share with your customers through, for example, WhatsApp or email.

Are you interested in receiving online payments?