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Privacy Policy

1. Security

For security purposes, the customer is requested to protect his or her individual account access information (IMPORTANT – Change the Token’s password and create a password that is difficult to guess, for example: Ex@mple87). If the secrecy of the account access information is compromised, or if the customer accidentally reveals it to someone that the customer has not authorized to use, it is the customer’s sole responsibility to call the Bank IMMEDIATELY:

  • For customers residing on the island of Aruba please call our Customer Support Department during business hours at one of the following numbers: (297) 523-2250.

2. Bank responsibility

Under no circumstances will the Bank release information including account numbers, passwords, financial information or any other information related to the account of the customer, unless required in accordance with our general terms and conditions.

Under no circumstances will a Bank employee, request the customer his or her account access information via the Internet or through any other type of contact. Initially, the customer will have to visit a Customer Relations Associate or Branch Hostess of the Bank to provide him or her with his or her account access information. At no time thereafter will the bank representatives contact the customer to request account access information or any other information. The customer should not respond to such a request even if the individual claims to represent the Bank or any of its associated companies.

The Bank will secure all relevant documentation, and will treat all accessed information with its usual degree of confidentiality. The Service Administrator agrees to not disclose or release information at any time to any third parties without prior written consent of the Bank and the customer. However, appropriate disclosure will be made where information is made accessible to the general public or when requested by law.

3. Customer Responsibility

The customer is responsible for using this Service in accordance with this Policy. The customer is also responsible for ensuring the security of his account access information. By providing his or her account access information to any other person, he or she assumes all liability for any transactions initiated on his or her accounts with the use of his or her account access information by any other individual.


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