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PIN Securely

PIN Securely


The recently introduced Banco di Caribe Mastercard Debit Card is protected by an advanced security system that makes all transactions with the card safe. Of course, precautionary measures by the customer will give additional security to make sure others do not wrongfully take advantage of the benefits. In support hereof, Banco di Caribe, shares a few valuable tips on Personal Identification Number (PIN) security and other services, to keep in mind when using the Mastercard Debit Card.


The Banco di Caribe Mastercard Debit Card offers many transaction options for which the customer only needs to remember one (1) PIN. The PIN is not always required. For example, when using the Tap and Go option the customer pays without PIN for transactions up to an amount of AWG 50.00. Abroad, the cashier may ask the customer to sign a payment confirmation, instead of entering his PIN.  As the PIN is one of the most secure codes that protects your card, Banco di Caribe emphasizes on the precautionary measures the customer can take.


Banco di Caribe advises all customers not to share the 4-digit code with anyone, because this gives someone else access to your confidential account information. The bank also recommends the customer to change their PIN at least once a month. They can easily change their PIN at one of the Banco di Caribe ATMs. Finally, the bank suggests to be careful when entering the PIN at a payment device, and to cover the hand entering the PIN on the keypad.


To make sure the customer stays on top of his transactions, Banco di Caribe offers their SMS Alert Service. With this service, the customer receives a free notification on his mobile phone with every transaction made with the card. If for some reason the customer receives a notification of an unknown transaction, he should immediately contact the bank at the telephone number shown in the text message to block his card. Customers who are not yet using the Banco di Caribe SMS Alert service are advised to register as soon as possible.


Customers with a valid Banco di Caribe debit card will soon receive their Mastercard Debit Card via postal mail. For more information, please visit the FAQs section on, or contact the bank at 523 2250.